Where preservation, restoration and continued use of all Austin A40, and other Austin or BMC motor vehicle is our life.

Registration To Attend Zoom Meetings

During Covid-19 we want to keep our Members and Guest as safe a possible. As such for the rest of this year our Monthly General Meeting will be held from the safety of your own home (or shed) via Zoom. Unfortunately, everything online has an element of security to ensure everyone’s safety. One of the big ones for the meeting is guaranteeing only registered, verified users attend our meetings. As a result, we need everyone to register with the form below. Once registered a meeting invitation will be sent to the email address entered with a hyperlink for easy access to the meeting. This will also help with the password issue some members had at the previous meeting.

Before the Monthly General Meeting

One of the great features we love is that we can all join a bit earlier and have a chat. The club will have a Video/Slide show from past events or members’ experiences 15 mins prior to the meeting start time. Feel free to jump in early and comment on the photos or just enjoy having a chat. Prior to the meeting starting there will be a blank screen informing everyone the meeting is about to commence. We would appreciate it at this point conversations are paused/concluded to allow the meeting to start on time.

During the Monthly General Meeting

During the meeting, some people are not able to see everyone, and depending on which device you are using and your setting will depend on what you see. So by putting your hand up, it could be missed by the person hosting the meeting. Please wait for the person to finish speaking and then speak up. With this said it is very easy to speak over others as there is a slight delay so please be patient and feel free to interrupt if you feel you have been missed and the meeting is about to move on. There will be a meeting moderator to assist in running the meeting but they will not always get it right. We are all new to this and welcome all feedback/suggestions and want to hear from everyone.

Conclusion of the Monthly General Meeting

Once the meeting has concluded if you would like to stick around for a chat with everyone please do. The Zoom meeting will stay open for as long as required for the night owls.